Founded in 1933, The Harrisburg Camera Club welcomes all photographers from the newest beginner to the most experienced.

Membership Benefits
• Fellowship and fun in learning to take better pictures.
• Constructive evaluations of every member’s prints and images by experienced photographers/artists.
• Recognition for quality and merit achievement in photography.
• Field Trips and Education
• Discount on purchases at local camera shops and picture framing shops

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Harrisburg Camera Club Kick-off Meeting

Tuesday, September 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Giant Grocery Store’s Community Room in the Camp Hill Shopping Center

The Harrisburg Camera Club is proud to announce that Theo Anderson from Allentown, PA will be presenting a program on his fine-art photography, printing and hand made books.

Theo Anderson, photographer and bookmaker, graduated from Temple University with a BA in political science and discovered photography while attending graduate school at Lehigh University. Self taught, his work is represented in private and public collections.

“The photographs are not so much about place as they are about transformation. The context of everyday American life is used in my visual exploration. The search began in the early twenty-first century and is expressed in a myriad of episodes that inform my life,” says Anderson. The episodes of Anderson’s projects, CARBON, CADILLAC, and COMPLEXITY, are revealed in his artist books.

A master printer, Anderson designs, prints and binds his artist books under the moniker, WILBUREDITIONS. “By-passing traditional printing allows me to express my work without compromise and limitation.” says Anderson.

In addition to his own projects, Anderson, an accomplished photographer, creates compelling photographs for editorial and advertising clients. An astute artist and storyteller, he combines his sensibility as a fine art photographer with the grit and determination of a photojournalist. “When I work on a story, I try to photograph who we are and what we do, honestly and without preconception,” say Anderson. Anderson has been called a lyrical poet of the commonplace.

Theo will talk about his original trilogy book series “Carbon”  and how that started him towards projects and limited edition books.  He plans to bring two of his limited-edition books and a print or two will be there.  He will touch on fine art printing.  This will be another outstanding program where the emphasis will not be on the technical aspects of photography, but on what goes on between your ears and how you approach visual conception.   For more information about Theo and his work go to http://www.theoanderson.com/

The program will be held in the second floor large community room in the Giant grocery store at the Camp Hill Shopping Center located at Rt11/15 and Trindle Road in Camp Hill.  The program is free and will start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m..  The community room is the home meeting location of the Harrisburg Camera Club and is located on the second floor of the store, just past the WIFI lounge and above the cooking school.  If you would like to join the Harrisburg Camera Club or renew your membership, the fee of $30.00/yr will also be collected that night. 

This program is free and open to the public and especially to photographers. Please join the members and photographers of the Harrisburg Camera Club for Theo’s presentation and his unique perspective on photography.  This program will be educational as well as inspiring.


Sunflower Field Photography Fieldtrip


Clear Meadow Farms in White Hall, MD

Sunday September 14th, 2014 at 3pm

This will be a return location for the Harrisburg Camera Club.  We traveled there in 2010 to conduct a photography fieldtrip.  We will be going to the commercially grown sunflower fields at Clear Meadow Farms near Jarrettsville, Maryland; just east of the Parkton exit of I-83.   Clear Meadow Farms grows sunflowers for commercial cultivation.  They have acres of sunflowers.  It is about an hour from our meeting location at the Camp Hill Giant.  We will be car pooling from our usual location at the Arby’s side of the Camp Hill Giant Grocery Store, at 3:00 PM in the afternoon.  Here is the Update from Clear Meadow Farms as of 8/19: http://clearmeadowfarm.com/

We plan to arrive at about 4:15 which should give us 3 hours to photograph the field since sunset is around 7:30.  Expect to return at about 8:45.  Parking will be tight and some extra walking may be involved.  We will need to car pool.  The sunflowers should be in full bloom when we get there and expect to see bees and butterflies on the sunflowers.  For insects you may want to bring a macro lens.  A long lens is also useful for compressing distance.  This location is very good for those photographers that have short telephotos or wide angle lens.

What to bring:  Extra digital cards, extra batteries, polarizing filter, a reflector or white foamcore, black foamcore, an umbrella that is translucent white or solid white if you have one, flash unit, tripod, a tripod clamp, comfortable shoes, long pants, a ladder to photograph from above and drinking water.  We will hold this event, unless we are looking at an all day rain event. Any questions e-mail Andrew Hoff at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org

Harrisburg Camera Club Meeting – Subject will be before & after

Tuesday Night July 22nd – Doors open at 6:45, Meeting at 7:00


This educational meeting on Tuesday July 22nd is to showcase your work and to share with the members of the club photos you have taken and changed in the computer. We want participants to show the original image as taken directly from the camera’s digital card, prior to any manipulation. Then we want the members to explain the creative steps they took and why they took them to produce the final image. This should be a highly productive meeting, as members will learn about steps that can be taken to enhance or change your images.  These steps may have been done in CS, Elements, Lightroom or any of the other imaging software. You will learn about the potential of these software programs. You will also learn from the image makers what their thought process was and why they did what they did. This is just as, if not more important than the software.  Photographers now should know what their final plans are when it comes to image manipulation before they take the image. This program could be a mental stepping stone for photographers.  Even if you don’t have images to present, I strongly urge you to come to this meeting to learn and expand your knowledge.

Please place your images on a flash drive or CD and bring it with you to the meeting. All images should be reduced to the following parameters: Maximum length on the longest side 1920 pixels as a baseline jpeg.  Just like the camera club competition file size. Randal will load each members file into his computer and the image maker will present and talk about their work.

Each presenting Harrisburg Camera Club member will have about 7 minutes to show their images and explain the processes, both the mental and your use of the computer software.  Be prepared to explain what you did, no guessing. Presenting HCC members should plan on bringing three images.  Two to talk about, and if time permits the third one. This is based on the number of presenters and divided by the time available.  Less presenters more time, more presenters less time.  I will bring a timer to keep members from going over the time allotted.  This is a great opportunity for you to show your work and explain your thought process to the other members of the club without the constraints of competition.

Any questions contact Andrew Hoff at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org


Photo Field Trip to The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading PA.

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

Saturday, July 12th

We will be traveling to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum on Saturday July 12th, leaving at 8:30 AM.  Admission to the Air Museum is $8, over 65+ is $6.  There is no group rate listed on their website.  The museum has a large indoor hanger to preserve the aircraft.  There is also an outdoor exhibition space on the tarmac.  I am trying to get confirmation that we can photograph in the restoration hanger to make images of the equipment, tools and partially restored aircraft including the P-61 Black widow from WWII among other planes.

The day we are going is a museum aircraft flying day.  If you were interested in flying in an open cockpit plane that day it must be booked prior to our arrival.  The museum has many, many aircraft in and outside the hangers.  For more info on the museums aircraft and possible plane rides go to: http://www.maam.org/

We will be carpooling from our usual location; the Giant Grocery Store parking lot next to Arby’s and Route 15.  The museum is a 90 minute drive from Camp Hill down the turnpike, then in towards Reading.  We will leave at 8:30 A.M. with an estimated arrival at the museum of 10:00.  The museum closes at 4:00.  Depending on the temperature and the weather we will photograph until 2:00, if not beyond.  Expect a return to Camp Hill between  3:30 to 5:30.

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: water, a fully charged battery, extra batteries, extra digital cards, comfortable shoes, a tripod, a macro lens for close-ups, possibly a flash for interiors to light dark areas or as fill flash and/or reflector to throw additional light in dark places, a longer lens and/or a wide angle lens, a ladder and money or credit for your entrance fee and gas money for your driver.

John Barclay Presentation

Wednesday, July 9th

Trip to the Delaplaine Visual Art Education Center in Frederick, MD to attend a presentation by nationally known photographer John Barclay

The Frederick Camera Clique (Club) was kind enough to extend an invitation to members of the Harrisburg Camera Club to come see Mr. Barclay’s presentation “Why Dream – Believe- Create?”. Most photographers are familiar with John’s work as a weekend workshop presenter and a leader of highly respected week-long workshop programs. John’s inspirational program begins at 7:00 pm. Please email Andrew Hoff if you are going no later than Monday night July 7th at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org The Frederick Camera Clique will need an approximate count on Monday morning July 7th.


We will leave from our usual location, the Giant parking next to Arby’s at 5:00.  The trip down is only 70 miles, but the traffic will be thick, especially between Camp Hill and the lower end of Dillsburg and around Frederick.  That is why we are leaving early!  We don’t want to be late, as I anticipate a large attendance.  Members leaving from the Carlisle area; the parking lot of the Carlisle Shopping Center (850 E. High St., Rt. 641) across from the Pizza Hut as the designated departure location.  The Carlisle group will be leaving at 5:00. The Carlisle members will need to organize themselves via e-mail and designate a trip leader. Otherwise you can meet us in Camp Hill or at Baker’s Restaurant in Dillsburg.  We hope to leave Baker’s Restaurant by 5:25.  Call Andy on his cell if you are meeting up with the carpool in Dillsburg (592-9304).  If you are not car pooling and leaving on your own, please let me know so I can give the Frederick club a count.

About John Barclay: John is an award winning freelance photographer based in Bucks County PA.  John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader. John is also an inspirational speaker sharing his program “Dream – Believe – Create” to audiences around the country. John was personally selected by Dewitt Jones to participate in his www.healingimages.org project. John’s work has been published in a number of magazines and books and has been used Nik Software, Topaz Labs and Lensbaby in their advertising campaigns. Recently, John was the recipient of an excellence award from B&W Magazine

Trip to State College to go the Palmer Art Museum

Saturday, June 14th

Photographic Exhibition – “Seeing America”: Photographs from the Palmer Art Museum Permanent Collection

This trip to the Palmer Art Museum on the Penn State Campus will be a chance to see world class images from some of the biggest names in photography. This exhibition examines the rich fabric of people and places that constitute America as captured by notable photographers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Chronologically spanning well over a century, the photographs on view graphically attest to the geographical diversity of the United States as well as to the remarkable range of inhabitants who call this land home. From Ellis Island immigrants, industrial workers, a “Kentucky Colonel,” and residents of Harlem to vistas of the Montana Territory, Pennsylvania rivers and cities, and the Great Smoky Mountains, Seeing America invites viewers to see a few of the citizens and sites captured on film by some of this country’s most important photographers. Featured photographers include Berenice Abbott, Margaret Bourke-White, Edward S. Curtis, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans, David Graham, Lewis Hine, William Henry Jackson, Consuelo Kanaga, Bart Michiels, Gordon Parks, Eliot Porter, Charles Sheeler, Aaron Siskind, W. Eugene Smith, Florence Vandamm, James Van Der Zee, Carleton Watkins, and Marion Post Wolcott.

After the exhibition we will trek to the creamery for refreshments and possibly take photos in the area. We also hope to stop at Greenwood Furnace State Park on our way back to Camp Hill to take photographs. Greenwood Furnace was once a thriving iron making village and is now similar to a ghost town.  Today only a handful of the original 127 buildings remain.

The museum is free.  Please bring cash for food and to pay your car pool driver.

We will be leaving from the Camp Hill Giant grocery store from the Arby’s side parking lot, on the East side of the store along Rt. 15, at 12 Noon. We plan on returning around 7:30 pm. Members leaving from the Carlisle area; the parking lot of the Carlisle Shopping Center (850 E. High St., Rt. 641) across from the Pizza Hut as the designated departure location. The Carlisle group will be leaving at 11:30. The Carlisle members will need to organize themselves via e-mail and designate a trip leader. If you plan to go or need more information, please contact Trip Leader Andrew Hoff at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org or by cell phone at 592-9304 from 4pm to 9pm.

Winners Announcement – HCC Raffle


1st Place: M. Hickman of Herndon, VA (Canon SL1 with 18-55 and 75-300 lenses)

2nd Place: G. Trout of Harrisburg, PA (Kindle Fire 16gb HD 7″ Tablet)

3rd Place: R. Carter of Steelton, PA (Canon Powershot A2600 Digital Pocket camera)

Members SHOW and SHARE Educational Meeting

Tuesday, May 13th at 7:00

This important meeting is to show and share with the members of the club, photos you have taken on our HCC fieldtrips. HCC members that have participated in the fieldtrips this season are invited to show their photos taken on the fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Harrisburg Camera Club fieldtrips.

Eligible work will come from the field trips we took to Wildwood Lake Teaching/Mentoring Fieldtrip as well as our trip to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg in Lancaster County. In October the club went to the Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve in Lancaster County and Harpers Ferry NHP. In November we traveled to the Bethlehem Steel. This spring we went to Washington D.C. twice and to The Star Barn and finally to Fells Pt. in Baltimore. We had good attendance on these fieldtrips, so those of you that attended the photo fieldtrips, please show the HCC members your work. If you showed work from the fall trips at the December Show and Share please do not repeat your presentation.

This meeting is essential to our members and new members whom have not gone on these trips. First of all you can see where we have been as a group, but more importantly you will notice how each member interprets the same scene that others saw or sees something that the other members walked by and failed to notice. This meeting is, in reality, an educational meeting on how photographic opportunities are rendered. This is a chance for membership to see an expanded portfolio of some of the members. If time permits, you can question the maker on how the image was made and or modified.

Please read the instructions below:

• If you want to show and share your best or most interesting images taken on these fieldtrips with the members of the camera club, please place your images on a flash drive or CD and bring it with you to the meeting.
• Please title the file: “2014 May HCC Show and Share”. This way Randal can find the file quickly. We expect you to have all you your images under one file name.
• Please note; all images needed to be reduced to the following parameters: Maximum length on the longest side 1920 pixels as a baseline jpeg. Just like the camera club competition file size.
• Previous Show & Share’s have had an issue with downloading exceeding large files from flash drives or CD’s into the computer. Please try to keep each of your images under 3MB.
• Randal will load each members file into his computer and we expect the maker to be present. Each member will have about 6 minutes to present and comment on their images. You, as the presenter, have the option of commenting about your work. We expect you to answer questions about your work, if asked.
• If you have the skill, a Powerpoint file would be best and if you’re fancy or have the software available you may add music within the file as part of your presentation.

Trip to Fells Point in Baltimore MD

Saturday, May 10th

Day of Photography Lead by Steve Oney – President of the Baltimore Camera Club and Fells Point Resident

This trip will feature a guided photographic journey through historic Fells Point in Baltimore MD.  Our guide will be local Fells Pt. resident and President of the Baltimore Camera Club, Steve Oney.  Steve prefers to photograph in B&W and concentrate on details and people. We will drive directly into Baltimore and park in  the Caroline & Thames Street parking garage. The garage is centrally located and near the waterfront.

We will be leaving from the Camp Hill Giant grocery store from the Arby’s side parking lot, on the East side of the store, at 8:00 in the morning. We will stop in Hunt Valley to take a bathroom break and grab some refreshment.  We will eat lunch at Fells Pt..  We are looking to leave around 6:30 depending on the weather with a return to Camp Hill around 8:00.  If conditions are favorable and members are still up for it, we may stay until sunset at 8:08.  If you plan to go or need more information, please contact Trip Leader Andrew Hoff at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org or by phone at 592-9304 from 4pm to 9pm.

Here is a tentative list of locations:

  • The Douglass-Myers Maritime Museum – If it is open we will go in to photograph the woodworking shop and the students. They teach people to build boats in the shop by hand with original tools.  .
  • The Waterfront – Photographing boats, boat details and reflections of boats, the water and the nearby buildings.
  • The Tattoo Museum – Possibly photographing tattoo artists at work
  • Various Antique stores
  • The Baltimore Boxing Club -Open from 12-4 on Saturdays for photographing boxers and close-ups of the gym, there maybe a fee attached to photograph in the club – will research and update.
  • Various unique storefronts, cobblestone streets and different vibe then around the Burg
  • General photography – a good place to find a different vantage point and sharpen your people photography and close-up work.
  • If time permits and we have enough energy we will travel farther east in the harbor to photograph the more industrial nature of the anchorage.
  • If you don’t photograph, you can scout out and take in the flavor of Fells Point.

What to bring:

  • Traveling light will be your best bet. One body and two lenses.  We can keep the bigger stuff in the cars for images latter in the day. A light pack or bag for your equipment.
  • A very light weight tripod, a monopod or none at all. We will be doing a good bit of walking and some areas may not be conducive for a tripod. Big tripods can stay in the car until later in the day.
  • A fully charged battery and a back-up battery
  • An empty card and a spare card
  • Comfortable shoes and attire – can’t stress this enough
  • Money to pay your driver for gas and the parking garage. Money for your lunch and /or dinner

Education Night with Sony Camera Representative Victor Green

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 7:00 P.M.

a7R (Alpha 7R) Interchangeable Lens CameraWe will have a special presentation by Sony Camera Representative Victor Green. Victor will be talking about Sony’s new A7 line of cameras and lens, other Sony cameras and will be open to questions about photography in general.

Sony has recently released the new A7 and the A7R.  These two cameras have re-defined the landscape of digital photography. Both the A7 and the A7R are full-frame, mirrorless cameras.  The A7 has a 24mp sensor and the A7R has a 36mp sensor. These cameras have many unique and different features compared to their non-full frame and mirrored competitors. They are also adaptable to Canon and Nikon lens.

The meeting will start at 7:00 in our 3300 Trindle Road, Camp Hill Giant location in the large meeting room.

Sony Rep Victor GreenGreen fell in love with photography at age 14 and it has remained his primary interest, both as a profession and a hobby. He has been photographing retail stores, weddings/events and products for more than 12 years, sold cameras, run labs, photographed people and products, using just about every major brand of camera. “I jumped at the opportunity to work with Sony,” says Green, “because they makesome of the most innovative and functional, not to mention cool, equipment I have ever used and it is my pleasure to show it off to everyone.”

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