Founded in 1933, The Harrisburg Camera Club welcomes all photographers from the newest beginner to the most experienced.

Membership Benefits
• Fellowship and fun in learning to take better pictures.
• Constructive evaluations of every member’s prints and images by experienced photographers/artists.
• Recognition for quality and merit achievement in photography.
• Field Trips and Education
• Discount on purchases at local camera shops and picture framing shops

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Educational Meeting

Tuesday, July 14th, 2014 at 7pm at the Giant Grocery Store's Community Room in the Camp Hill Shopping Center

This educational meeting on Tuesday July 14th is to showcase your work and to share with the members of the club photos you have taken and changed in the computer. Only members of the HCC may exhibit their techniques.  We want participants to show the original image as taken directly from the camera’s digital card, prior to any manipulation.  Then we want the members to explain the creative steps they took and why they took them to produce the final image.  This should be a highly productive meeting, as members and guests will learn about steps that can be taken to enhance or change their images.  These steps may have been done in CS, Elements, Lightroom or any of the other imaging software.  You will learn about the potential of these software programs.  You will also learn from the image makers what their thought process was and why they did what they did which is just as, if not more important than the software.  Digital photographers should anticipate what their final plans are when it comes to image manipulation before they take the image.  This program could be a mental stepping stone for photographers.  Even if you don’t have images to present, I strongly urge you to come to this meeting to learn and expand your knowledge.

HCC members please place your images on a flash drive or CD and bring it with you to the meeting.   All images should be reduced to the following parameters: Please title the files or folder Before and After 2015 Maximum length on the longest side 1920 pixels as a baseline jpeg.  Just like the camera club competition file size.Please No tiffs, PSD or large files over 10MB.  Randal will load each members file into his computer and the image maker will present and talk about their work.

Digital Image of The Year Finals

Tuesday, May 12th at 7:00 p.m.

Camp Hill Shopping Center, Giant Foods Community Room Upstairs   Directions/Map

A Lightroom Presentation by Chip Cain

Educational Meeting Tuesday, February 17th at 7:00 pm

The 7:00 meeting will open with a presentation from Cindy Strupp of the Professional Photographers of America PA chapter. She will be giving us information on the PPofA photography workshop to be held in Carlisle in April. Chip’s program on Lightroom(details below) will follow.

Why do I have Lightroom anyway?

Did you get Lightroom with Adobe’s Photoshop for $10 bucks a month and wonder why you have it? Or did you try it and found yourself lost on how to make it work for you?

This will not be a “why you don’t need Photoshop” but rather why Lightroom is simply the best starting place for most of your photographs. I will show how LR saved my bacon more than once and how my mundane photos were transformed.

Hopefully you will see the value, and power of using brushes and going beyond sliders. And how to fix that troublesome color cast without messing with “Temperature and Tint” sliders. Especially when you like every other color in the photo. You will learn, how to sharpen more selectively and make the important parts of your photograph stand out; just as you saw it in your mind’s eye.

By the end of the evening you should be able to answer “Why do I have Lightroom anyway?”

This meeting is free and open to the public. We hope to see you their.

Trip to Reading Public Museum

Saturday, February 7th, 2015 departing at 12 noon from the Camp Hill Shopping Center at the Giant parking lot next to Arby's

Admission is $10.00 for adults and $6.00 for seniors over 65.  The club will be going to the Reading Public Museum to see rock and roll photographer Baron Wolman's exhibition "Backstage Pass: Baron Wolman and the Early Years of Rolling Stone"   This exhibition allows guests to explore how photographers and editors of Rolling Stone guided the creation of the "rockstar" persona, from concert, to cover, to icon. Immortalized by writers, filmmakers, and musicians from Stephen King to Dr. Hook, the cover of Rolling Stone magazine has embodied generations of popular culture. Contextualized in 35 framed photographs, contact sheets, and original covers, Backstage Pass presents an intimate view during a crucial period of cultural transformation in American history. Feeding the heightened political and cultural climate of the time, featured artists Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Frank Zappa came to represent generational ideas through music, words, and visual imagery.

Visit the Reading Public Museum website www.readingpublicmuseum.org

Any questions contact Andrew Hoff @ 592-9304 or at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org

Trip to Bethlehem, PA for Exhibitions & Photography

Saturday, November 15th, 2014 departing at 12 noon from the Camp Hill Shopping Center at the Giant parking lot next to Arby's

We will be traveling to the Lehigh Valley to photograph and see several photography exhibitions. November is Photography Month in the Lehigh Valley with several photography exhibitions at various locations in Bethlehem. This will mark the third year for this trip. The weather is for sunny, breezy and cold with a temperature of 42 and colder after sunset.

Here is the schedule:

12:00 Depart Camp Hill

2:00 Arrive at the Banana Factory to see the “InVision 2014 Pennsylvania Photographer’s Competition”. HCC members Jim Crowley, Don Uvick, Karen Commings and Andrew Hoff were juried into this prestigious exhibition. The Banana Factory also has an exhibition by Larry Price. This compelling exhibition by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning Olympus Visionary Larry C. Price investigates child labor and working conditions in mines in Burkina Faso, Indonesia and the Philippines. These photographs are part of an ongoing project by Price to document child labor in mining and other industries. In the Santa Bannon /Fine Art Gallery there is a collection of images by Philadelphia photographers representing their contribution to the history of the medium during the halcyon years of 1975 to 1985. These images are from some of the top east coast photographers in the country and features a variety of different styles. The InVision College Competition images are in the center hallway and you are free to explore the different artist studios on the second and third floors of the Banana Factory. These four exhibitions in one building will save us some time and walking. All exhibits are free on this trip.

3:15 Leave for the Steel Mill - Look at images in the Steel Stacks Center next to the steel mill, after that we will photograph the buildings and furnaces surrounding the Steel Stacks area. The Bethlehem Blast furnaces are light at night. Sunset is at 4:44 PM.

6:00 Leave for Camp Hill – Possible stop at Cabella’s or dinner on the way back.

For those members on the East Shore the designated pick-up location is the Holiday Inn in Grantville. We should be there about 12:30, but you must let Andy know if we are meeting you there, otherwise we will keep going. 

Any questions contact Andrew Hoff @ 592-9304 or at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org

Photo Field Trip to The Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA

Sunday, October 26th, 2014 departing at 12 noon from the Camp Hill Shopping Center at the Giant parking lot next to Arby's

Mount Moriah Cemetery is a historic cemetery in southwest Philadelphia, along Cobbs Creek. It was incorporated on March 27, 1855 and established by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature. The cemetery, which originally occupied 54 acres (22 ha), was among a number of cemeteries established along the "rural ideal" popular at that time. An ornate Romanesque entrance and gatehouse were built of brownstone on Islington Lane, today known as Kingsessing Avenue.

Over time, Mount Moriah grew to 380 acres (150 ha), spanning Cobbs Creek into the Borough of Yeadon in adjacent Delaware County, making it the largest cemetery in Pennsylvania.

Open this link for more information about the cemetery:http://hiddencityphila.org/2013/07/stones-and-stories-at-mount-moriah-cemetery/

This trip will incorporate considerable walking and exploring and you need to be very aware of your safety. I encourage you to always pay attention to your surroundings. It is easy to twist an ankle or trip in some areas of the cemetery and there could be ticks lurking in the underbrush.  I highly encourage you to, at the least partner, with other photographers. The cemetery is easy to get lost in!

We will be carpooling from our usual location; the Giant Grocery Store parking lot next to Arby’s and Route 15.  The cemetery is a two hour drive from Camp Hill down the turnpike.  We will leave at 12:00 A.M. with an estimated arrival at the cemetery of 2:00.  Sunset is at 6:00.  Depending on the temperature and the weather we will photograph until sunset.  Expect a return to Camp Hill around 8:00.

Photo Field Trip to Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site & French Creek Waterway at the Village of St. Peters

Sunday, October 19th, 2014 departing at 12 noon from the Camp Hill Shopping Center at the Giant parking lot next to Arby's


Our first stop will be at the Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. Hopewell Furnace was founded in 1771. It is an example of an American 19th century rural "iron plantation". Hopewell Furnace consists of 14 restored structures in the core historic area. The buildings include a blast furnace, the ironmaster's house and auxiliary structures including a blacksmith's shop, barn, church, a company store and several workers’ houses. http://1.usa.gov/1se2WXqPhoto Field Trip to The Railroad Museum of PA in Lancaster Count

We plan to leave Hopewell Furnace after two hours of photographing and drive the seven miles to the village of St. Peters. The town is located in a narrow ravine along French Creek. The Falls of French Creek have formed where French Creek cuts across a series of rocky dikes.  The erosion of the rock foundation by the creek caused huge boulders to fall into the stream, almost filling the creek bed at points. French Creek should be picturesque in the fall colors with water flowing over and around the boulders and rock slabs.  There is a quarry located above the town that is also inviting to photographers. http://bit.ly/1se3jRO

You should bring water, a fully charged battery, extra batteries, extra digital cards, comfortable shoes, a tripod, a macro lens for close-ups, possibly a flash for interiors to light dark areas or as a fill flash and/or reflector to throw additional light in dark places, a longer lens and/or a wide angle lens, polarizing filter to slow down the waterfalls and cut glare, a ladder, cash for snacks in St.Peters and gas and toll money for your driver. We will be returning to Camp Hill no later than 8:00 pm.



Adobe Photoshop CS & Elements Question & Answer with photographer Bryson Leidich

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 7pm at the Giant Grocery Store's Community Room in the Camp Hill Shopping Center



On Tuesday night October 7th at 7:00PM, long time friend of the Harrisburg Camera Club and professional photographer, Bryson Leidich, will lead a question and answer session on Adobe Photoshop CS and Elements.

Since the members of the Club have such varied levels of ability in Photoshop, we thought it would be appropriate to have an open discussion with questions coming from the members about Photoshop instead of concentrating on one subject.  Think about the problems you have encountered with Adobe Photoshop CS and Elements and bring your questions to Bryson. No question is wrong, as we can all benefit from the answer.  Bryson will answer your questions using Photoshop software on the computer.

Mentoring Fieldtrip Has A Change of Location


1 Due to complications of security and member safety I've been informed that the camera club will not be allowed to enter the Middletown & Hummelstown RR yard. Even though I had not seen any No Trespassing signs or a secured area around the railyard and rolling stock I was informed by the staff of the Middletown & Hummelstown RR on Wednesday that anyone found photographing in the yard without permission or with a member of the RR staff would be subject to arrest for trespassing. So with that in mind we will photograph on City Island.

 This Saturday September 27th

Now Meeting at City Island 8:00 till 11:30


This is our fall educational mentoring photography fieldtrip. We will photograph on and around City Island. In 2012 this was our most popular photo fieldtrip of the year. Please note that you should come directly to City Island where we will meet at the horse stable at the end of the Walnut Street Bridge (the iron bridge) We will Not leave from the Giant. We will be photographing the buildings, close-ups and views from City Island, we may even photograph from the top of the City Island parking garage. We plan to photograph the many bridges over the river and from the Walnut Street Bridge and if time permits, in Riverfront Park. Andrew Hoff will be mentoring and leading this trip and hopefully other seasoned veterans of the club will help some of the newer members. The goal is to have a more personal hands-on teaching session for those members that are unfamiliar or want help. With this kind of set-up you will be working with someone familiar with your brand of camera. Not only will they be help you with the techn2ical issues and the handling of your camera, but also with the visual aspects of photography. This is not restricted to only Nikon or Canon brands or to DSLR photographers; if you another brand or have a point & shoot we can help you. This trip will be geared more towards an outdoor classroom experience. Emphasis will be placed on how to approach visual ideas, working with a tripod, getting the most from your lenses and what is the proper or best exposure. Parking should be free on the Island. Please park on the ball field side At this time the weather looks very promising. As usual expect a lot of walking.


What to bring: Extra digital cards, your instruction manual, extra batteries, flash unit, tripod, a wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a medium to long telephoto lens, comfortable shoes and water. There will be require walking. This is a rain or shine trip.


Any questions contact Andrew Hoff at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org.


Reception Photos for Landscapes Through the Seasons Exhibition

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