Deadline for 3rd Competition January 18th


Entries due by midnight, Wednesday, Jan. 18th for the 3rd Digital Competition


What you need to know!

The entry date for the digital competition is Wednesday, January 18th.  The entries are due by Midnight.  The computer program shuts down at Midnight so don't wait until 11:55 to log on.  The date for the critiques of the competition is scheduled for Tuesday, January 31st.

This year you are allowed to enter only one image.  Your dues must be paid to be eligible.  If you are entering the digital competition for the first time you will also need a password to log on at the .com site.  All digital images are loaded for competition via our companion site   If you are a new member or a previous member entering for the first time, please do not wait until Wednesday night to get a password or upload your files.  Do it ASAP.  If you have trouble uploading please contact Tom Wenger at or by phone at 554-4944. Below are the bullet points for the digital competition:

1) Judges - Were from?

Three regional judges, in person critiques from at least two of the judges

2) Number of Judges?

Three Judges - These three judges will be the of a high caliber and will be the only three judges we plan to use for the monthly digital competitions. We are expecting the judges to give us critical critiques of the images.

3) Judging Time Period?

One week

4) Number of Competitions?

Four competitions - Three open competitions and the last competition will be a themed competition.

5) Judging point range with criteria met to accumulate points

  1. Technique                             1-4
  2. Composition                         1-4
  3. Artistry                                  1-4
  4. Impact "The Wow Factor" or Image Transcendence 1-8

Total 4-20

6) Classifications within the club DIGITAL COMPETITION ONLY?  No classification

7) Number of entries per digital competition - One per member

Entering Images in competition:  You will need a password to upload images.

All images must be sized to 1920 pixels on its longest edge/side either vertically or horizontally.

Maximum image size is 1.8 MBs

All images must be a Baseline JPG.  Do not save your JPG  file as a Progressive JPG

At this time submissions only via the internet at the upload site

A word of advice: after you have uploaded your images to the .com (competition) website leave the site in its entirety and re-enter the competition website to see if your image is still there, if it is titled correctly and in the proper display orientation (is it upside down).

Questions: Contact Tom Wenger at

Phone: 554-4944